(Tapping & Slapping Therapy)

A Chinese Medical method which utilize patting and slapping of external skin areas to draw out and eliminate poisonous waste in body and restore health by facilitating the smooth flow of Qi throughout the meridians.

Pai-Da will launch one’s faith and mental forces, and will stimulate relevant meridians to dredge the Qi. The running Qi will in turn bring out the running of blood. The unobstructed meridians could cure diseases.

The patted and slapped parts on the body will automatically gather Qi and blood, and then accelerate the circulation. As sweepers, the intensified Qi could scan the body and dredge the obstructed meridians. As a result, the body waste, illnesses and even tumors will be cleared.

Viewing from the perspective of the western medicine, Pai-Da is a positive-breaking therapy which will stimulate the central nervous system. Therefore, the inner body systems could be activated and help repair the damaged parts, and finally improve the immunity function of human body.



For those who suffer from knee pains, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, headache and insomnia, rash-pat to the knees and elbows more frequently for at least once or twice a day can relieve and improve symptoms.  For those who suffer from serious illnesses, such as people who are unable to lift the shoulders or walk, or suffer from psoriasis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer should have rash-pat top-down from the head to the feet with the focus on the elbows, knees, feet and the nidus for at least one hour and at least three times a day. The time length of each Pai-Da should be reduced as the disease remises.

A typical Pai-Da session with preparation time, tapping & slapping time, resting time afterwards is about 45 minutes.  We offer this service for the health conditions mentioned in the above paragraph.

At Regimen Health & Massage, a first session includes a consultation.  We ask that the client allows sufficient time to be here for up to an hour. 

The fee for this service is:

$45 per session





PaiDa Therapy

Tapping & Slapping Therapy


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