Guasha Therapy  (Skin Scraping Therapy)

Guasha is a traditional Chinese medical treatment in which the skin is scraped to produce light bruising. Practitioners believe Guasha releases toxins from injured or inflamed areas and stimulates blood flow and healing in those same areas.

The term Guasha itself contains two Chinese characters;

"GUA", which signifies 'to rub' or 'rub', and

“SHA”, which is utilized to portray a 'rosy, hoisted, millet-like skin rash,' otherwise called "petechiae."

This is a scratching system used to deliberately raise a ruddy skin rash through rehashed scratching developments and connected weight while utilizing a handheld apparatus.



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Guasha helps improve certain conditions including , but not limited to headache, migraine, neck, shoulder, back, foot and knee pain, as well as acute diseases such as fever, flu, earaches, asthma and bronchitis in children and adults. Guasha is also effective in chronic disease including hepatitis.

A typical Guasha session with preparation time, scraping time, resting time afterwards is about 45 minutes.  We offer this service for specific health conditions mentioned in the above paragraph.

At Regimen Health Center, a first session includes a consultation.  We ask that the client allows sufficient time to be here for up to an hour. 

The fee for this service is:

$35 per session

and is only offered for a specific health condition and not by the hourly rate.




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