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CholestAssure™                                     Helps Attain healthy levels of Serum Cholesterol and Triglycerides, the natural way

CircuFine™                                                    In cases of Blood Stasis, Helps Promote Blood Circulation and maintain Cardiovascular Health.

HawthoPower™                                      Helps maintain a Healthy Fat Metabolism and Manage Weight for those who have Excess Body Fat

Slimin                                   Keeps Fitness with a normal Cholesterol Level & be Energetic


What is Cholesterol?

While there is no clear term or definition for Cholesterol in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is usually associated with the dysfunction of the Spleen and Liver.

Disruptions to the functions of these organs due to poor lifestyle and diets will affect the accumulation of Cholesterol in the Body.

In TCM, a person's inability to digest efficiently may affect how cholesterol is processed and stored in the body. Similarly with blood and fluid circulation: slower fluid circulation will encourage more or larger deposits of cholesterol, while poor blood circulation is seen in many types of arthritic disorders as well as some types of cardiovascular diseases. Excretory system dysfunction is also a huge indicator, as the relationship between the Liver and bile production is critical to ensure cholesterol is eliminated efficiently when bile is released.

Managing Cholesterol Levels

TCM calls for a comprehensive regime with herbs and acupuncture to treat the spleen and liver once a diagnosis has established the body constitution and the root of the problem. Alongside acupuncture, Physician Chew recommends the use of these herbs to manage your cholesterol levels:

Hawthorn fruit lowers blood lipids and treats certain cardiovascular diseases

Red yeast rice contains natural statins to invigorate the body, aids digestion and revitalises the Blood, lowering LDL cholesterol

Cassia seeds promote bowel movementinhibit hyperlipidemic formation and reduce weight gain from nutritive obesity

Coix seeds improve digestion and treat hypolipidemia

Finger citron fruit treats poor digestion, improves appetite and lowers blood cholesterol

Pu-erh tea contains natural statins

Oyster mushrooms contains natural statins