AllTonicpromotes blood circulation to remove blood stasis, & warms meridians to help manage pain. This formula is used for the TCM syndrome that includes flatulence in the lower abdomen, or menstrual lumbar soreness in the lower abdomen, & lower abdominal pain with or without menses













While we can’t stop ourselves from growing older, there are many things we can do to increase our chances of living longer and healthier lives.

As we age, our bodies show wear and tear.  Some seem to age faster than others.  Some of it is genetic, , about 15%, but according to the World Health Organization, 65% of our health is attributable to lifestyle choices. The other 20% is attributable to our environmental exposure.

The Chinese have studied aging, health and vitality for over 2,000 years and have really developed a complex, but logical system on how our bodies respond to our choices, and to the environment. 

When it comes to our health for longevity, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is really the leading way to approach caring for ourselves to be healthy as we age to give ourselves our best chance to live longer and healthier.



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