is so important and of course Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) assists in this greatly. Whether it is your monthly period, menopause or pregnancy/fertility issues, TCM has a lot of remedies to help a woman prevent, lessen or get rid of the pain, improve fertility, ease discomfort, and improve emotions associated with women’s health issues.

What can be more effective than Traditional Chinese Therapy, that is so popular all over the world?

Acupressure Massage and other Massage therapies, such as:  Acupoint, Skin Scraping, Tapping, and Cupping Therapies are all considered to be the best treatment for the following symptoms: menstrual cycle, vaginal itching, fertility, menopause as well as premenstrual syndrome.

Mood changes, back pain, terrible headaches, depression, insomnia, all can be easily treated with a:

REGIMEN of Chinese Massage Therapies and Chinese Herbs for Health.


In general, TCM is very effective during menstruation. Terrible pain, mood changes, fatigue, insomnia, headaches are well-known problems for all women and thanks to Chinese herbs and Chinese Massage Therapies, it can be easily overcome today. Instead of taking pills that have many side effects, it would be better to address a proper:

REGIMEN of  TCM Therapies that is absolutely safe and without any of the potentially harmful side effects.

Besides the ability to relieve pain during menstrual periods, Chinese Massage Therapies as well as Herbal Formulas also help to make the menstrual cycle regular. You do not need to wait until you deliver the first baby as the Chinese Massage Therapy lessens the pain.

If you are planning to get pregnant now, beginning a regular REGIMEN of Acupressure Massage & Chinese Herbal Formulas can help resolve issues concerning infertility.

For those who have a new baby: Chinese Massage Therapy can help  return woman’s energy promptly and more effectively.


According to TCM: Menopause is an absolutely normal transition that can cause discomfort and fatigue.

In TCM theory, it is just transitional period that permits a woman to live longer and have strong health. The main role of TCM is to control and balance the lunar cycle of a woman’s life. It is not a secret that all women will face the menopause one day.

To overcome the transitional period, Western Medicine offers hormonal pills, while TCM has a much better and more natural solution. To avoid typical hormone tablets, TCM offers private treatment that is definitely worth trying. It can be Chinese Massage Therapies, or Chinese Herbal Formulas, Qigong Exercises, or a combination of all three.

All in all, TCM methods are based on knowing a woman’s gynecology, thus it cannot have side effects during the treatment.


TCM offers the best treatment of fertility problems.

It can be effective for both, men and women. Due to the latest investigation, TCM is a great way to get pregnant. For this particular issue, Chinese Massage Therapies are widely used all over the world.

In fact, it helps to provide an ideal environment for a developing fetus. During the pregnancy, women can easily avoid terrible symptoms, including flu and cold and fatigue.

There is no side effect or harm while using Chinese Acupresssure Massage during pregnancy. Additionally, it is painless and is usually provided with a soothing massage style in order to help an expecting mother to increase her blood flow and stay relaxed




Underlined Items


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Abdo StasisClear™ - (Shao Fu Zhu Yu)
elps with menstrual cramps & endometriosis

EaseTonic™ - (Xiao Yao)
Helps Anxiety, Irritableness, Stress, Depression

EaseTonic Plus™ - (Jia Wei Xiao Yao)
Clears Anxiety, Irritability & PMS Symptoms

LadiesTonic™(Wu Ji Bai Feng)          Overall Health

MenoFine™  - (Er Xian)
Relieves Menopausal-Related Discomfort

Menoplease™ - (Geng Nian An)
Relieves Hot Flashes & Restlessness

Tonics4™ - (Si Wu Tang)                             Enriches Blood & Regulates Menstruation

Tonics8™ - (Ba Zhen)
onifies both Qi (Energy) & Blood

WarmMenses™ - (Wen Jing)
Nourishes blood, Removes Blood stasis in the lower abdomen

YinGreat™ - (Da Bu Yin)
Relieves Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

YinVive™ - 400mg 80 Veggie Capsules   Improves Libido by Nourishing Kidney Energy

YinVive Cool™ - (Zhi Bai Di Huang)
Relieves Night Sweats & Hot Flashes



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